Pinnacle Parkour Academy

The Pinnacle Parkour Academy was the first facility on the east coast dedicated solely to Parkour & Freerunning. 

We are pleased and excited to have the opportunity to meet the demand of the growing parkour community in New Jersey, Philadelphia, and surrounding areas. The launch of our first parkour program in the summer of 2010 was a great success and created quite a buzz, being the only offering of parkour training classes in Washington Township, South Jersey, and the whole Delaware Valley. Our CERTIFIED PARKOUR INSTRUCTORS are serious about helping you progress in this exciting new discipline. Our academy offers more Parkour & Freerunning Classes than any gym in the country. 

TOTS (3-6yrs): 4 classes per week

KIDS (7-11yrs): 8 classes per week

TEENS (12-16yrs): 7 classes per week

ADULTS (17+yrs): 9 classes per week

ADULT OPEN GYMS (17+yrs): 5 sessions per week

KID/TEEN OPEN GYMS (7-16yrs): 4 sessions per week

Check out the wide variety of movment classes for all ages: 

Class Descriptions

PARKardio Fitness: Intense military-style training and Parkour conditioning.

OPEN GYM: Train however you’d like but we strongly recommend that you HAVE FUN!

FREERUN: Experience the art of Freerunning as our instructors teach you to safely flip, trick, & flow through your environment. 

PK GAMES: Kids and Teens get a chance to let loose and have fun with Parkour specific games.

PK TOTS: Ages 3-6yrs will learn discipline and focus while developing essential coordination through Parkour movement.

PK KIDS: Ages 7-11 train mental focus and discipline as well as how to physically overcome obstacles.

PK TEENS: Ages 12-16 learn to safely move through any environment with maximum efficiency & focus.

PK ADULTS: Ages 17+ move, get fit, and learn Parkour techniques for beginner, int, or advanced traceurs.

PK Fundamentals: Low impact, slow paced Parkour training designed specifically for ADULT beginners and older adults. Try it, you CAN do it!

ACRO CLASS: Learn safe progressions for flips, spins, and other acrobatics; increase your coordination & air awareness.

NINJA CLASS: Train specific techniques with American Ninja Warrior Veterans on American Ninja Warrior Obstacles!

Our facility has the following parkour, freerunning, & American Ninja Warrior training stuff:

  • Salmon Ladder
  • Scaffolding Set-up (for lache, hand traversing, underbars, balancing, etc.)
  • Rock Climbing Wall (indoor rock climbing/bouldering) Boulder Section
  • HUGE Foam Pit (allows you the freedom to train high risk movements)
  • 14ft Warped Wall (just like the American Ninja Warrior)
  • Ropes/Rings (for climbing and swinging)
  • Mats/Crash Pads/Foam Flooring
  • Walls of various sizes
  • Precision Trainers
  • Vault Boxes

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